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About Tiffany

Photographer and Storyteller
I strive to create photos that invite you to join the story

All art tells a story. Whether I’m photographing a wedding or creating my own work, the question at the heart of any project I’m working on is “How can I frame my image so as to invite the viewer to be a part of this moment?” As a photographer and storyteller, I’m constantly trying to transport my audience into the moments I capture/create. I’ve been a passionate photographer since 2008, working in LA as a headshot photographer for a number of years before transitioning to more intimate projects. As a portrait artist and wedding photographer, I’m most interested in my clients’ journeys, and in capturing their individual glow. As an artist, I am very interested in the absurd, the unexpected, and the juxtaposition of the real and imagined. I also enjoy travel photography and the magic of new places, faces, and paths. I hope you enjoy getting to know my work.


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